Tech Blog Post #7

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This post from my tech blog called, Online Journalism, talks about the five prediction for journalism in the next 25 years.

We constantly talk about newspapers fading away in our class discussions, but we have a tendency to cast the future as an exaggerated present.

Prediction 1: People will still be predicting the death of newspapers

Prediction 2: Prices will head in opposite directions

Prediction 3: Journalism will be more like a musician’s career than a job-for-life

Prediction 4: There will be no single media industry

Prediction 5: Online journalism will become more specialised – and more predictable

These are some big predictions for journalism. One of the most intriguing to me is #1, newspapers fading away. I agree with the blog statement that newspapers will be around even 25 years from now. Its not a profitable business but there are so many other benefits beyond the revenue from advertising and cover price. People will still enjoying seeing their picture of the front of a newspaper, the second page or even the third page. I’d say it is more exciting than seeing your picture on a website. Everyone is online these days, big deal.

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